SARSCoV2 genome sequencing in patients from Ecuador during the 2020 pandemic

Leader: Paúl Cárdenas, PhD (Instituto de Microbiología USFQ)

USFQ Participants:
Belén Prado, MSc (Institute of Microbiology USFQ)
Bernardo Gutiérrez, MSc (Universidad de Oxford/USFQ)
Gabriel Trueba, PhD (Institute of Microbiology USFQ)
Juan José Guadalupe, MSc (Laboratorio Biotecnología Vegetal)
Michelle Grunauer, PhD (Escuela de Medicina)
Patricio Rojas Silva, PhD (Institute of Microbiology USFQ)
Sully Marquez, MSc (Institute of Microbiology USFQ)
Verónica Barragán, PhD (Institute of Microbiology USFQ)

External Participants:
IESS Babahoyo Hospital
Eugenio Espejo Hospital
Pablo Arturo Suárez Hospital
IESS del Sur Hospital
IESS Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital

Alexander Zarebski (University of Oxford)
Darlan Candido da Silva (University of Oxford)
Jayna Raghwani (University of Oxford)
Jean Paul Carrera (University of Oxford/Gorgas Institute Panama)
Louis du Plessis (University of Oxford)
Marina Escalera (University of Oxford)
Proyecto CADDE, Consorcio COG-UK.

Description: This project seeks to understand the pathogenesis and epidemiology of the virus by sequencing and analyzing its genome from patient samples.

Faculty USFQ: Biological and Environmental Sciences COCIBA

USFQ Project ID: 16988



USFQ concluded the genome sequence of the coronavirus strain circulating in Ecuador. Read more


On the 24th of may, “Día a Día” TV-program featured an extensive report titled «The Novel Coronavirus Genome.” This report is a work of investigative journalism that addresses the importance of analyzing the genetics of this virus, its origin, and changes. The report includes commentary from the following USFQ professors: Paúl Cardenas, Institute of Microbiology,…